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Business Scope

Core Business

Our main business is about manufacturing and selling of aluminum forging parts, which are widely applied in below categories,

Automotive Aluminum Forging parts

Used for suspension and cushion system in car chassis and also engine system. Main products are brackets, control arms, suspension arms, pistons etc.

Motorcycle Aluminum Forging Parts​

Used for body structure of motorcycle, steering system and engine system. Main products are connectors, handgrip, driving arm, pistons etc.


Other Aluminum Forging Parts​

Used for fire-fighting equipment, industrial equipment, machinery industry, hand tool industry and bicycle industry. Main products are storz, check handgrp, bundle, spray gun etc.

Our business scope is as follow,

  CA02010  Metal Architectural Components Manufacturing 
  CA02080  Metal Forging Industry
  CA03010  Metal Heat Treating
  CA04010  Metal Surface Treating
  CC01080  Electronic Parts and Components Manufacturing 
  CD01010  Ship and Parts Manufacturing 
  CD01030  Automobiles and Parts Manufacturing 
  CD01040  Motor Vehicles and Parts Manufacturing
  CD01050  Bicycles and Parts Manufacturing 
  CD01060 Aircraft and Parts Manufacturing
  CP01010  Hand Tool Manufacturing
  F114030  Wholesale of Motor Vehicle Parts and Supplies
  F114040  Wholesale of Bicycle Parts and Supplies
  F119010  Wholesale of Electronic Materials
  F214030  Retail Sale of Motor Vehicle Parts and Supplies
  F214040  Retail Sale of Bicycles and Parts
  F219010  Retail Sale of Electronic Materials
  F401010  International Trade
  ZZ99999   All business items that are not prohibited or restricted by law, except those that are

                  subject to special approval.

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