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Introduction, main business and products

ALFOT Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 1983, mainly engaged in the project for the design, manufacture, sales and OEM of aluminum forging products. By the end of March, 2015, paid-up capital is $ 310,650 thousand NTD.
ALFOT Technologies Co., Ltd. is a professional aluminum forging company that specializes in aluminum forging more than thirty years, to fully grasp the aluminum material properties, mold development, process development, heat treatment and other key technology, and has won customers recognition on product quality and manufacturing process technology capabilities. Nowadays it is OEM suppliers to European first well known factory as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, JAGUAR and other automotive original manufacturing firm.


Business vision/ Business Performance

  • To be world class professional aluminum
    forging company.

  • Pursuit of quality first.

  • Pursuit of comprehensive service.

ALFOT Technologies Co., Ltd. mainly produces aluminum forging components of the necessary vehicle chassis suspension system, the automotive/motorcycle piston engines, mechanical components (storz) etc. Aluminum forgings features characteristic such as light texture, high strength and others; in the past it was mostly applied on high-priced products; however in car industry, it has gradually developed into the mid-priced vehicles, to replace the original metal castings. In addition, following the trend of environmental protection, energy saving, and light-weight of automotive forging parts, in the future it will certainly replace more of the original steel-made automobile parts. Under this favorable trend and coupled with the automotive supplier qualification by Mercedes-Benz etc, it is currently the only manufacturer of OEM aluminum forging of automotive chassis parts in Taiwan, and estimated to give priority to undertake automotive OEM orders, future performance in sustaining growth can be expected.


Future Prospect

  • Develop big parts car chassis component; provide complete and various product service to fulfill all requirements from customer.

  • Develop other customers in new rising business fields which require aluminum forging parts.

  • Procure outstanding talents proactively, optimize management system to keep continuous progressing.

  • Keep introducing auto forging manufacturing utilities and push automation manufacturing process, to elevate production efficiency and stability of product quality.

  • Build pre mold flow analysis technology to elevate efficiency of development.

  • Develop other application other then automotive and motorcycle, such as aeronautical industry or 3C products.

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